This month, Beam Global Australia answers the pleas of Scotch connoisseurs nationwide with the launch of Teacher’s Highland Cream & Cola RTD.  A new high-quality product set to challenge the Scotch RTD market with its authenticity and flavours.  

Featuring the unmistakable characteristics of Teacher’s Blended Scotch Whisky, the new RTD is formulated with a unique minimum 45% malt content. This means Scotch aficionados can enjoy the authentic, rich flavours of their favourite Scotch blend in a more convenient serve. 

Sean Cook, Brand Development Director, Beam Global Australia said he is excited by the opportunity the new launch provides consumers.  “Scotch drinkers identify Scotch as a personal reward.  They have a strong desire for heritage and authenticity when it comes to choosing a brand and moving from the full spirit bottle to an RTD alternative.

“We wanted to offer people an alternative in a way that remained true to the unique heritage and high quality of Teacher’s.  We did this by continuing the flavour characteristics and bringing across the 45% malt content to produce a product which is rich, smooth and full bodied.  This high quality product offers an alternative to what is currently available to the Scotch RTD consumer,” said Cook.

The product launch is being supported with a $1.4 million advertising and retail spend.  This includes premium point of sale and promotions including a stubby holder giveaway with every six pack.

The Teacher’s & Cola RTD is available nationally through Coles Liquor stores and selected independents from 1 March, 2010.  RRP for a 6-pack is $22.99

“Scotch is the largest spirit category, however it under-trades in the RTD market.  This launch brings a highly valued brand in Teacher’s to the pack, ultimately driving support for the broader Scotch RTD market,” adds Cook. 

Teacher’s was one of the first blended Scotch whisky’s to enter the Australian market in 1887.  William Teacher refused to put his name to the bottle until he believed it had achieved perfection – and to achieve this, he used an unusually high proportion of premium single malts in his blend.  This tradition continues today with the guaranteed minimum 45% malt content. Teacher’s Blended Scotch Whisky now sells over 2 million 9 litre cases globally.

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