If you go to Mexico, to the state of Jalisco, to the town of Tequila, you’ll be in the very heart of Mexico’s prime tequila region… and the home of Tequila Blu.

Tequila Blu is the tequila of modern Mexico and tastes how true tequila should. 

To bring you this exceptional tequila our journey starts by first sourcing the blue agave from four different regions with our Jimadors harvesting by hand, a method that relies on centuries-old know-how. Each regions agave provides a different flavour profile, helping us to create perfectly balance flavour. 

Our distillery has been meticulously renovated to maintain all the benefits of traditional distilling yet introduce modern techniques that enhance the distilling process, which is constantly refined by our Master Distiller drawing on his over four decades of experience. At the start of the distilling process we extract the thick honey juice of the agave, which is then fermented and double distilled before being rested in American Oak barrels for six months to create our reposado (rested) tequila. But we don’t stop there. Finally, our tequila is cold filtered using the pristine spring water from Tequila’s iconic volcano to accentuate the honey and vanilla notes that give Tequila Blu its ultra-smooth beautifully balanced finish. 

Our commitment to quality can be tasted with every sip of Tequila Blu and with that in mind we celebrate everything that has a modern take on Mexican tradition such as Dias de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This is more than a holiday; it’s an attitude, the true spirit of Mexico. So next time you want to celebrate living, make sure it’s with Tequila Blu.

Tequila Blu: Celebrate Mexico’s true spirit.  

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