By Triana O'Keefe, editor Australian Hotelier

Every operator knows that beer-lines must be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure the beer that is being poured and served is of the highest quality.

Calcium oxalate, commonly referred to as ‘beerstone’, is what the cleaning process is attempting to eliminate. It is the film that forms on the fittings, taps and builds up in the lines.

If you don’t remove this beerstone, not only is it unsanitary, but it will start to affect the taste and quality of the beer. On top of this, it can even shorten the shelf life of the product.

Every operator will have their preferred way of doing things, however it is important to discuss with your supplier the best way of cleaning for your particular equipment.

Check out this article where Hunter Technologies’ Iain French discusses CellarControl, a product which allows venues to clean lines every six weeks.

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