The Independent Brewers Industry Report provides answers to the questions every growing brewery owner and anyone looking to service growing breweries needs to be able to answer;

  1. What is my market share and what is my competition?
  2. What should my cash flow management strategy look like, for both my brewery and my venue?
  3. What should my local marketing strategy be?

Here is how we answer these questions;

  1. By providing deep insight into the size and composition of the craft beer industry in context of the wider beer market in Australia. This information enables individual operations to calculate their portion of the current market by volume and revenue.
  2. We provide deep insight into what the changing dynamic of a brewery operation and key revenue and expense drivers are over the various stages of growth, by category and years in operation. We have done this for both brewery operations and venues.
  3. We have unique insight into what the purchasing and consumption habits are of craft beer drinkers by state. This helps ensure your business has the right marketing strategy and business model in place to optimise your reach into your local market.

The demand for independently produced beer is evident and consumers’ willingness to pay a premium for good beer is high. Independent brewers can overcome the financial and physical constraints inhibiting access to consumers by applying the same innovation they apply to their beer to their businesses. To innovate you need information, The Amber River Group has armed independent brewers with quality information through this report, designed to enable brewers to optimise their operational efficiency.

When can brewers apply this report in their own operations?

  1. When seeking finance and when raising capital
  2. When forecasting sales and growth opportunities
  3. When preparing business plans
  4. When developing sharper marketing strategies and ensuring business models are appropriate for local consumer purchasing habits

The report is available NOW for sale via PDF from our website

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