The Killer Martini is serving up a one-of-a-kind alcoholic espresso martini cocktail, poured on tap in less  than 30 seconds. Enjoy the refreshing taste of the famous 72 hour cold brewed Killer coffee, infused with nitrogen, vodka, and  Kahlua. Once brewed the pure Killer Martini is carefully sealed in disposable kegs ready to be connected to your tap.

The Killer Martini has been specially taste tested and crafted to the point where we’ve hit the ‘sweet-spot’, ensuring that every glass of this velvety brew is balanced, consistent, and does justice to the classic espresso martini. Using high quality coffee and spirits the Killer Martini is smooth, and complimented by the creamy nitrogen infusion. 

For more information contact The Coffee Brew and Co. on 1300 79 79 44


26 Fariola St Silverwater 2128, NSW 

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