The same great wines, but the most instantly recognised labels
in Australia now have a cleaner, bolder shelf presence underpinned by premium embellishments.

The Osborn family first planted vines in 1912, and although d’Arry
Osborn didn’t introduce the famous red stripe label until the 1960s,
it was wine from these first vines that made it into those bottles.

From that moment on, the red stripe became a part of the d’Arenberg
DNA. There is no escaping it or changing it but, there is always room
for improvement.

We’re a restless bunch at d’Arenberg and are always striving to
improve wherever we can, so we decided to give The Originals range
a bit of a makeover.

The comprehensive range of true-to-region wines behind the labels
are fine examples of more than a century of winemaking excellence,
catering for tastes of every stripe.

The Shout Team

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