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Russian super-premium vodka brand Beluga has launched into the Australian market in line with the growing trend towards premium and super-premium boutique spirits.

According to the ALSA-IRI State of the Industry Report released in March this year, vodka accounts for 64 per cent of the $841 million light spirits market in Australia. The report cites that, “Double-digit growth of emerging premium brands, as well as solid showings from established upscale brands, has contributed to improving vodka’s uplift”.

Beluga vodka is distributed in Australia by Sydney-based ARS Trade Company and is available now through large retail chains and boutique bottle shops.

To celebrate its 115th anniversary the brand has launched Beluga Celebration a 40 per cent ABV vodka that comes in a limited edition gold bottle, which retails for $86.99. 

Sergey Kucher, the marketing brand ambassador for Beluga in Australia, told National Liquor News that it is important for retailers to stock premium brands as demand is on the rise.

“Beluga Celebration is a limited edition Beluga Noble, released to commemorate the 115th anniversary of Mariinsk Distillery which is the only place where Beluga Vodka is created,” said Kucher.

“This special bottle is our tribute to the century-old factory which carefully preserves the finest traditions of vodka making and naturally combines them with modern approaches and innovative technologies. We are proud to be a part of this history.”

Beluga vodka is produced using a unique blend of natural ingredients from the heart of Siberia, including the purest artesian spring water, malt spirit and various extracts, infusions and Siberian herbs.

The production of Beluga also includes a resting period, during which the vodka matures to achieve a perfect balance, resulting in an “unmistakably” smooth spirit.

“The super-premium vodka category is growing rapidly every year, which means that demand is also on the rise. Super-premium alcohol consumption is becoming a philosophy and a lifestyle, and is universally an essential element of home bars,” Kucher said.

“Super-premium vodka consumption implies a specific drinking, serving and pairing ritual which assures a unique drinking experience for the consumer and great value for money. Despite being a white spirit, high-quality vodka is a complex and self-sufficient drink which has to be enjoyed properly.”

This article will appear in the September issue of National Liquor News.

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