In a move that is reminiscent of the stuff of nightmares, a Wolf Creek themed bar will be popping up in Melbourne then Sydney to celebrate the launch of the new eponymous television series.

For all of you who enjoyed having the pants scared off you in the films by demented serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarratt), the bar will apparently be modelled on the Wolf Creek Roadhouse – the pub that will feature heavily in the new television series.

Local brewers Two Birds have taken care of the beverage needs, brewing a special beer, Mick’s Bitter, just for the pop-ups. The brew is an Australian-style beer with “a light, crisp body for that refreshing hit”. But don’t think it’s just about glorifying a murderer – the “final girl” in the series has also inspired the brewers.

“The Wolf Creek story has become iconic in a very gruesome kind of way – you only need to think about that spine chilling laugh that John Jarratt has perfected in his character –  but what inspires us most about Stan’s new TV series is the presence of a strong and empowered female heroine, so Mick’s Bitter also celebrates the strength, determination and resilience of her character,” says Danielle Allen, Two Birds co-owner.

While the beer is craft, the food is reportedly “outback” themed, so read into that what you will.

Melbourne and Sydney are both set to be blessed with the “fully-immersive” bars over four days each – because nothing says relaxation like the ever-present threat of a serial killer (whose story, incidentally, is based on real life events just to make it extra creepy).

The Wolf Creek Roadhouse bar will be open in Federation Square, Melbourne from May 5-8; and in Sydney’s Martin Place from May 11-14. And for those who are interested, Wolf Creek will premiere exclusively on Stan on May 12.

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