Top 500 Bars has unveiled its latest ranking, the 100 most influential bars in the world, and several Australian bars have made the list.

The list is compiled using data aggregated from over 2000 sources across the internet, and in more than 20 languages. The opinions of experts, journalists and influencers are used rankings, reviews on platforms, social media and search engines to complete the data set.

Top 500 Bars said: “For the last two years, it has been a rough one for many industries, especially hospitality and the people who work in it. Some bars are still temporarily closed and sadly others are or will be permanently closed. Digital is now more than ever, a core way to communicate and share when most people can’t travel easily. With this ranking, we help bartenders and customers discover bars wherever they visit.

“This year our ranking of 500 bars involves 113 different cities (compared to 105 last year), 53 different countries (52 last year), with new cities like Istanbul, Nha Trang and Syracuse.

“This year our Top 100 is different with 25 per cent of new bars compared to last year. But the same bar keeps the crown this year, The Connaught Bar, in London, is number one for the second year in a row.”

For the second year running Sydney’s Maybe Sammy has been crowned Australia’s most influential bar, ranking 14th overall, one spot higher than last year.

Co-owner Stefano Catino told The Shout: “I always say I never work for awards, but we receive one, when we are recognised it is a very big boost for the team. We are working very long hours at the moment and we’re short-staffed like the rest of the hospitality industry in Australia, so it does feel good and gives us a boost.”

He added: “I don’t know how long it will last [that we keeping winning awards] because I am sure one day somebody is going to take over. But we will always keep raising our standards and really strive to be a better version of ourselves. We have a new team behind the bar than when we opened and they are better than us. They are a better version of us, they are younger, they have new ideas and you have to let them shine, that’s the only reason for success.”

Black Pearl continues to be recognised as one of the best bars in the world, and comes out on top as Melbourne’s most influential bar, ranking 76 overall.

Owner Tash Conte told The Shout: “After Black Pearl serving this industry for 20 years next August, being voted in the top 100 of the Top 500 bars globally, is so overwhelming and greatly appreciated to say the least.

“Many people have their opinions on ‘lists’. We have been forever grateful for recognition of our team and their efforts. After the last two years we have all endured, it is welcomed with open arms.

“It gives us (small business) something to celebrate and hopefully generate new income with the light shining on a resurging industry. We are all far from surviving this pandemic. It will take years to pay back delayed rent and payment plans etc. But this, for now, allows us to stop for a minute and embrace the gratitude.

“There’s been lots of tears and emotions, but today they are both joyous. Thank you @top500 possums for the love and support.”

Melbourne’s The Everleigh was also named in the top 100, with co-owner Zara Madrusen telling The Shout: “We’re delighted to be named one of the top 100 bars in the world. The Everleigh is in her tenth year and we’re so excited to be able to celebrate this award with the doors flung open once more.

“We’ve worked hard to reach our guests during the pandemic with bottled cocktails shipping nationally and for our locals, cocktails to go from The Everleigh corner bar, but we’re relieved to be back doing what we do best, giving our guests world-class drinks and service inside that beautiful bar.

“Here’s to the next decade of The Everleigh.”

Re- was the only other Australian bar named in the top 100, coming in at 96.

The top 100 most influential bars are:

  1. Connaught Bar, London
  2. Jigger & Pony, Singapore
  3. Atlas, Singapore
  4. Penicillin, Hong Kong
  5. The Clumsies, Athens
  6. Manhattan Bar, Singapore
  7. Side Hustle, London
  8. Paradiso, Barcelona
  9. 28 HongKong Street, Singapore
  10. Drink Kong, Rome
  11. Lyaness, London
  12. Bar BenFiddich, Tokyo
  13. Native, Singapore
  14. Maybe Sammy, Sydney
  15. Tayēr + Elementary, London
  16. Coa, Hong Kong
  17. The Old Man, Singapore
  18. Swift, London
  19. Floreria Atlantico, Buenos Aires
  20. Little Red Door, Paris
  21. Salmon Guru, Madrid
  22. Kwant, London
  23. Artesian, London
  24. Attaboy, New York
  25. Freni e Frizioni, Rome
  26. Himkok, Oslo
  27. Jerry Thomas, Rome
  28. Dukes Bar, London
  29. The Dead Rabbit, New York
  30. Licoreria Limantour, Mexico
  31. Scarfes Bar, London
  32. Dante, New York
  33. Baba au Rum, Athens
  34. 🔶🟥🔵, London
  35. Sidecar, Delhi
  36. SG Club, Tokyo
  37. Two Schmucks, Barcelona
  38. No Sleep Club, Singapore
  39. Three Sheets, London
  40. Mo Bar, Singapore
  41. Alquimico, Cartagena
  42. The Pontiac, Hong Kong
  43. Quinary, Hong Kong
  44. Tippling Club, Singapore
  45. Le Syndicat, Paris
  46. Oriole, London
  47. Mace, New York
  48. Hanky Panky, Mexico City
  49. The Court, Rome
  50. Danico, Paris
  51. SIPS, Barcelona
  52. Panda & Sons, Edinburgh
  53. The Old Man, Hong Kong
  54. Kol Mezcalería, London
  55. The Bamboo Bar, Bangkok
  56. Happiness Forgets, London
  57. Fifty Mils, Mexico City
  58. Leyenda, New York
  59. Elephant Room, Singapore
  60. La Factoria, San Juan
  61. Death & Co, New York
  62. Barbary Coast, Singapore
  63. Room by Le Kief, Taipei
  64. Employees Only, New York
  65. 1862 Dry Bar, Madrid
  66. El Copitas, St Petersburg
  67. Cause Effect Cocktail Kitchen, Cape Town
  68. Indulge Bistro, Taipei
  69. 1930, Milan
  70. Katana Kitten, New York
  71. Donovan Bar, London
  72. Hope & Sesame, Guangzhou
  73. High Five, Tokyo
  74. BackDoor 43, Milan
  75. Charles H, Seoul
  76. Black Pearl, Melbourne
  77. Amor y Amargo, New York
  78. Bar Trigona, Kuala Lumpur
  79. Dr. Stravinsky, Barcelona
  80. Nightjar, London
  81. Boadas, Barcelona
  82. Presidente, Buenos Aires
  83. Angel’s Share, New York
  84. Flying Dutchmen Cocktails, Amsterdam
  85. The Wise King, Hong Kong
  86. The Everleigh, Melbourne
  87. Schofield’s Bar, Manchester
  88. Darkside at Rosewood, Hong Kong
  89. BKK Social Club, Bangkok
  90. Caprice Bar, Hong Kong
  91. Dead End Paradise, Beirut
  92. Super Lyan, Amsterdam
  93. Bisou, Paris
  94. Live Twice, Singapore
  95. CopperBay, Paris
  96. Re-, Sydney
  97. Rabbit Hole, Bangkok
  98. Speak Low, Shanghai
  99. Bar Raval, Toronto
  100. Ceresio 7, Milan

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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