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Undeniably one of the most recognisable national independent retail liquor brands in the market is Thirsty Camel whose irreverent marketing schemes have always been a cornerstone of the brand.

Its huge national campaigns such as partnering with radio personalities Hamish & Andy and more recently Nova’s Kate, Tim and Marty to broadcast live from the Ghan for Easter are what really set the group apart.

The Thirsty Camel brand is turning 10 in 2017, so we can expect to see celebrations around that milestone throughout the year.

We caught up with Leah Grinter, the Marketing Consultant for Thirsty Camel, to find out what sets the group apart and what we can expect to see from them in the 10th anniversary year.

“With our brand turning 10 in 2017, we will continue to focus on ensuring it remains highly recognised and loved by consumers. We are also striving to better understand our customers, and deliver highly tailored retail experiences to them, be it in-store or online,” she said.

While it is difficult for the independents to compete with the chains on price, when speaking with all of the banner groups it is agreed that independents who can adapt to meet the needs of their local customers, can and will remain competitive.

“Independents need to remember it’s not always about price. Independent retailers have a far greater opportunity to get to know their customers, forming lasting personal connections which are incredibly valuable when it comes to repeat business and word of mouth,” said Grinter.

“Independent retailers should focus on their strengths, be it convenience, ranging and/or service, get to know their local customers and ensure they are stocking products and offering the service that suits their customer needs. They should also take the time to ensure they are utilising the buying power and business tools offered to them as part of their banner group (if they choose to be part of one) to maximise their margins and profitability. 

“Our offering is fundamentally different to that of the big chains, we focus on a convenience model, offering our customers excellent everyday value and service, rather than focusing solely on price. As independent retailers, Thirsty Camel bottle shops can stock a product range and run a pricing strategy relevant to their local customers, whether that’s a large RTD range, a focus on craft beer, or a boutique wine selection, while still benefiting from the buying power of a retail banner group.

“We have Thirsty Camel retailers that operate very successfully directly next to, or opposite, chain venues. Rather than focusing on the competition they have used the strength of the Thirsty Camel brand, and the group buying opportunities to grow their business share and profitability,” Leah Grinter, Thirsty Camel.

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