As Taylor Swift fans get set for the first night of the Eras Tour, which kicks off at Melbourne Cricket Ground, award-winning mixologist Marco Nunes has crafted a series of cocktails that pay homage to the pop icon’s various eras.

Whether fans are looking for a pre-concert beverage, or an at-home experience for those who missed out on tickets, the cocktails include the Midnight Martini, Lover Cosmo, and Cruel Summer Spritz.

Nunes, who is a Hospitality Trainer at Allara Global and well-known in the Brisbane bar scene, says each cocktail was inspired by one particular lyric.

“These cocktail creations are a love story of taste and sound, and I hope Swifties can have a bit of fun making them.

“These drinks are about being fearless, having fun with flavour, dancing to your favouite Taylor Swift song and just experiencing your wildest dreams.”

The Midnight Martini, made from vanilla vodka and Chambord and finished with metallic black dust, emotes the dark and moody tone of the Midnights album, taking inspiration from the song titled Meet Me at Midnight.

Midnight Martini

● 30ml vanilla vodka
● 30ml Chambord
● Six gr citric acid
● Five ml sugar syrup
Three drops of black food gel
¼ teaspoon of edible silver dust

● First make the black magic by mixing ¼ teaspoon of edible silver dust, six gr citric acid and three drops of black food colouring with 100 gr filtered water
● Pour the black magic and remaining ingredients into a cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake for ten seconds
● Strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a cherry
● Optional extra: coat cherry in sugar syrup and press in edible glitter

The Lover Cosmo combines Ciroc Passion Vodka, strawberry aperitif Chamberyzette and cranberry juice, drawing on the floral pinks that make up the artwork for the Lover album cover, and looks to the lyric “take me out, take me home, you’re my lover.”

Lover Cosmo

● 30ml Ciroc Passion Vodka
● 30ml Chamberyzette
● 30ml red cranberry juice
● 10ml lime juice
5ml sugar syrup

● Pour all ingredients into the cocktail shaker, fill with ice and shake for 10 seconds
● Pour into a chilled glass and garnish with a strawberry on the side of the glass

Finally, Nunes says the Cruel Spritz Summer was designed to reflect the reddish glow of a long hot summer, while also giving a nod to Swift’s signature red lipstick, incorporating prosecco, passionfruit soda and Aperol to achieve the perfect hue. The Cruel Spritz summer took lyrical inspiration from the line “it’s a cruel summer with you.”

Cruel Spritz Summer

● 30ml Rhubi
● 30ml Aperol
● 60ml Prosecco
● 60ml Bundaberg passionfruit soda

● Line a large wine glass with thin slices of mango in a fan shape and freeze
● Pour ingredients into the glass one at a time and stir gently, fill with ice and stir again
● Garnish with an orange slice on the side of the glass

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