By Andy Young

For the first time since creating the beer in 2013, the Thunder Road Brewing Company is bottling Collingwood Draught.

General Manager of Thunder Road Brewing Peter Camilleri said he was delighted that beer lovers could now experience Collingwood Draught at home.

“We launched Collingwood Draught about three years ago on tap in bars and pubs in the local area. At the time, our customers were asking for a clean tasting, refreshing lager from Thunder Road so we decided to develop a brand with local roots that answered this call,” he said. 

“Before long we realised there was an insatiable thirst for this award-winning lager and customers were telling us they wanted to be able to drink it at home too.

“Thunder Road has only recently ventured into packaged beer and we have worked with Coles from day one to make our beers available to as many beer drinkers as possible across the country.”

The bottled beer will be sold exclusively through Coles outlets, at First Choice in Victoria, Vintage Cellars nationally and Liquor Market.

First Choice beer specialist, Leanne Parkes said: “As the craft beer phenomenon has gathered momentum, people have become more interested in rediscovering traditional Australian beer styles and we certainly want to help our customers with that experience,” she said.

“Beers like Collingwood Draught are an important part of our offer, with award-winning credentials and a connection to Melbourne’s long brewing history. The refreshing flavour speaks for itself and customers are  taking note that this is a great brew to share with friends this summer.” 

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