Iconic NSW beer Tooheys has announced the highly anticipated return of its legendary Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum beer, with a striking new look.

Almost a decade since it was last seen on the shelves, Tooheys has relaunched the popular beverage in response to an overwhelming consumer demand. With a fresh design and new can format, Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum has the same ABV as the original release at 6.5 per cent.

Boasting the same clean, crisp taste that Extra Dry is known for, Extra Dry Platinum has already landed in bottle shops across NSW.

The much-loved beer is described as having “fruity, malty notes accompanying a mellow middle palate, with low bitterness for a clean finish.” Head of Marketing Core Beer at Lion Australia, Chris Allan, spoke about the return of Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum.

“Beer drinking trends in Australia have shown us that while NOLO (no or low alcohol) beers are very popular, higher-alcohol beers are also gaining popularity. When Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum was last on shelves, its popularity was enormous among beer drinkers and was a go to choice for those wanting a little bit extra in their Extra Dry.”

“After years of consumer demand, we’re thrilled to be brining it back in its 6.5 per cent ABV form for the hardcore Tooheys fans, while introducing it to the next generation of Tooheys drinkers with a black-on-black design.”

“People are always looking for choice and variety when it comes to beer options, so whether it’s enjoying a few beers before a night out or having a great night in with mates, we’re excited about what we can offer Tooheys fans – new and old – with the return of Tooheys Extra Dry Platinum.”

Available in a 330ml can, the full strength lager has hit the shelves in major bottle shops across NSW, landing in QLD from Friday 25 September.

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