For the first time in eight years, Tooheys has unveiled a new packaging design.

The packaging of the entire Tooheys line has been updated in the redesign, including Tooheys New, Tooheys Old, and Tooheys Extra Dry. The aim was to give the iconic brand a fresh, modern look, while still paying homage to its 154-year history.

“Tooheys is a brand that has over a century and a half of stories under its belt – so there is a challenge in moving too far away from the past and our rich legacy. We feel the new packaging pays tribute to our proud heritage as well as modernising in a way that allows the core brand assets to shine,” said Chris Allan, Head of Core Beer Marketing at Lion Australia.

The new packaging was designed by creative agency Weave.

“Weave and Lion worked incredibly collaboratively on the Tooheys project. It is such a fine line refreshing an iconic brand like Tooheys, retaining all the well-loved memory structures whilst setting the brand up for the future. We’re confident we have created a look that honours our impressive past but keeps the brand moving forward,” said Mick Boston, Head of Design at Lion Australia.

Dan Cookson, creative director at Weave, agreed.

“This wasn’t about throwing yesterday away,” Cookson explained, “We needed to both respect the past and have the courage to move forward, reintroducing it to a new audience while also rekindling the love held by existing Tooheys fans.”

As part of the redesign, Tooheys Old has changed colour from the previous maroon, reverting to the dark ale’s original all-black colour scheme.

The packaging of Tooheys Extra Dry is distinct from the other Tooheys products, due to the beer’s different style. Invented in 1994, it is bottled in clear glass and recognisable by the white diagonal slash on the packaging. In the new design, the colour has been brightened and the established date has been replaced with a product descriptor. The stag is elevated above the Tooheys wordmark, connecting Extra Dry with the rest of the Tooheys range.

“We’re excited by the reimagined Tooheys design and feel it will resonate with current fans and new Tooheys audiences. Whilst there is a new look packaging, the great Tooheys taste remains unchanged,” Allan concluded.

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