Australian Agave Project NFT holders will receive a specially created decanter bottle containing Anejo spirit.

Back in December of 2021, Top Shelf International (producers of NED Whisky) announced an NFT for its pioneering Australian Agave Project, which allowed purchasers membership of an exclusive program.

This week, in the Project’s first ever spirit release, the hundred members of this program will receive a bottle of 100 per cent Australian Agave Anejo.

Top Shelf International (TSI) CEO, Drew Fairchild said NFT holders can expect additional benefits in the next 18 months.

“We’ve already hosted NFT holders at our Australian Agave Spirit Farm and will continue to provide them with unique experiences as we deliver a new category of spirits to the world.

“This exclusive experience also provides a rare chance to be a part of history and participate in a pioneering agricultural project,” Fairchild continued.

“No other spirits company in the world is connecting technology, bespoke distillation and cutting-edge plant-to-bottle production in this way.”

The spirit itself has been aged in oak casks at TSI’s North Melbourne barrel houses for two years, and is said to possess ‘flavour driven in oak, balanced with sweet cooked agave and vanilla.’

The bottle is a hand-blown decanter produced from recycled glass by Australian glass-artist and designer, Mark Douglass. The bottle has been inspired by the shape of the shaved pina (or heart) of the agave plant, which is roasted, crushed and fermented to produce spirit.

The colour of the glass used is also said to recall the ‘azure waters of the Whitsundays’ where the agave is grown.

Fairchild stated that he was excited by the opportunity to work with Douglass, saying: “To get the chance to work with a master glassmaker and artist of Mark’s standard is something we just couldn’t pass up.”

“His work speaks for itself, and he has truly captured the essence of the Australian Agave Project in this beautiful bottle.”

And Douglass was enthused by the project too, saying: “To collaborate and create this one-off design piece that is connected to this pioneering agricultural project and the uniqueness of the NFT program was an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

“After learning more about the project I knew I wanted to create a piece that represented both the plant and the location – having an agave farm on the doorstep of the Whitsundays is just magical and that is where the idea for the colour of the glass came from.

“I hope this is a bottle that people can admire long after the delicious spirit is drunk from it.”

Finally, Fairchild believes that the NFT is the initial indication of how TSI will use technology to create innovative relationships with drinkers.

“The Australian Agave NFT is the first demonstration of how technology will play an increasingly important role in TSI’s ambition to connect consumers with our portfolio of premium Australian spirit brands in exciting ways,” Fairchild concluded.

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