Identify staff who intend to stay:  Make sure your investments in staff training have the opportunity to bear fruit. You're throwing money away by training staff that have no plans to stick around.

External training: People love the chance to learn and develop. Send them out to pick up a new skill or improve an old one. There are plenty of short classes and long courses to choose from that will pay off in the long run.

Internal training
: In-house training is invaluable. Product tasting sessions and up-selling skill seminars are a great way for staff to bond and improve their knowledge of the goods and services the establishment offers.

Communication and structure: It's vital that your staff have a medium of expression. Clear channels of communication allow problems to be aired and solved before they become much larger.

Developing a strong culture within your organisation often leads to a harmonious and enjoyable work environment. Get to know your staff individually and as a unit – it’s always good to be reading off the same script.

Neutral exit interviews:
They might be a hassle, but they are an easy way to improve your business. The problem might be an easy fix, and departing employees are more likely to suggest improvements to a third party.

Super: Superannuation is often ignored, or dealt with as quickly as possible. Pay close attention to the super fund offered to your employees; it could make your establishment a much more attractive option for employment.

Pay above award: Sounds ludicrous, but it can actually cost you more to have rookies on your staff list. Paying two workers a good rate will cost less than paying for extra hands with no experience.

Change it up: Keeping up with industry trends is a must for all businesses. It also helps with staff retention, as workers who are presented with new challenges are more likely to stay engaged for longer.

Think retention:
It seems silly, but a lot of establishments don't think twice about retention. Knowing how valuable your staff is, and how important retention can be, is half the battle.  Have your plans in place, and execute them when the time comes to retain.

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