By Andy Young

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) is launching Blossom Hill, one of the UK’s most popular wines, in Australia and will initially be using independent retailers to do it.

The new range of Blossom Hill wines for Australia

The initial launch will comprise four wines: rosé, Moscato, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz. TWE’s managing director for Australia and New Zealand, Angus McPherson, told TheShout that he believes the wines will help attract consumers into the wine category and using independents would mean the brand is replicating its pathway to success from the UK.

McPherson said: “I look at Blossom Hill and its brand proposition, which is really around accessible, fun, approachable, unpretentious wines that are really taste dominated. Wines that are crisp, vibrant, lively, luscious and fresh and I saw a clear opportunity within our portfolio that complemented the rest of TWE’s portfolio.

“It’s a brand that is targeted a bit more at the millennial consumer, a little bit more female dominated, but not completely female dominated, and also a brand that is really around, ‘how do we bring more consumers into the wine category?’ 

“You look at what Blossom Hill has done in the UK and you look at the varietals, taste profiles, bringing new people into the category; and we’ve looked at it and it just felt like it made complete sense to bring it to the Australian market for what it can do for the category and for Treasury Wine Estates."

McPherson added: “When you look at the success the brand has had in the UK, and we’re trying to replicate that road map, so to start with it will predominantly be with the independents and on-premise as well. 

“Those casual dining/bars will be crucial to making sure we get this wine out there and into consumers’ hands. Because the wines are brilliant, the wines deliver on the proposition and our trick is to make sure we get as many people tasting as we can because we are confident that will lead to more people coming into the wine category and really enjoying wine.”

In terms of what retailers can expect from TWE regarding support for the launch, McPherson told TheShout that there will be a big push to get consumers trying the wines.

“A big part of Blossom Hill is taste and a key element of what we will be doing is a really big tasting program,” McPherson said. “The second part is that you look at who the target audience are and social media will play a key role. The brand in the UK has got a very large social media presence and that will be a key platform for us, communicating the brand proposition and what the brand is around.

“So social media is a key platform, but the other one is making sure we do a really big tasting campaign because that’s what the wines are about. They are around taste and fresh, accessible, fun and the best way to tell that story is tasting them with consumers.”

Although the recent ALSA/IRI State of the Industry Report highlighted that one of the real growth areas in wine is the $15-$25 price bracket, McPherson is “100 per cent” confident that the $12.99 (RRP) Blossom Hill wines will appeal to consumers.

“It’s targeting the right consumer, at the right price, with the right wine and I am confident we have got the perfect package,” he said.

“To me it is around brilliant packaging, a brilliant proposition and brilliant wine, all at the right price, to help grow the category.”

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  1. Hi Andy,
    Your headline said it all.. Treasury USING independent retailers. Are we the guinea pigs now?
    When I worked at Southcorp (formerly Treasury) we in the marketing department had a saying; ‘Think Global Act Local’. I’m happy to put on record that I don’t believe that packaging won’t work. Far from brilliant as the release tells us.

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