By James Atkinson

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has launched a new promotion under which consumers can trade in a bottle of "bad wine" for a bottle released by its Western Australian brand, Fifth Leg.

The Bad Taste Amnesty will run between 10am and 2pm on Australia Day, Saturday January 26 at First Choice Liquor outlets across Australia, where consumers will find drop and exchange zones for "inferior" wine. The promotion is limited to one bottle per consumer.

"If you've had your fair share of wine crimes in the past, jump on board Bad Taste Amnesty and make sure you have a bottle of Fifth Leg to enjoy on Australia Day," TWE said.

"Bring in your bad wine – raid your cupboards, discard the re-gifted wines, gather the Christmas left-overs – it's time to crack down on inferior wine in your home!"

Fifth Leg wines are made by Devil's Lair winemaker Oliver Crawford and his team in Margaret River. 

Further details on the promotion will be available from January 15th on the Fifth Leg website.

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  1. What an embarrassment for our wine industry. Demeaning other wine brands for the benefit of you own. A poorly thought through campaign

  2. How embarrassing for TWE’s employees too Sue.
    But what a great way of getting a bottle of your product into the hands of the consumer and at the same time implying that the bottle you are offering is superior to to what the consumer has in his/her possession. The CONCEIT of the concept is palpable.
    This is top drawer stuff, right along with West End Brewery’s beer karma adds. Very negative and cheeky.

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