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The Australian Brewery, New Zealand's Behemoth Brewing and Beer & Brewer magazine have combined their experience and passion for craft to produce a collaborative brew.

The Australian Brewery's Neal Cameron, Beer & Brewer editor Annette Shailer and Behemoth's Andrew Childs on brew day

The Australian Brewery in Rouse Hill hosted the brew day on Tuesday, where head brewer Neal Cameron, Behemoth’s Andrew Childs and the team at Beer & Brewer came together to craft, Tripel Threat.

The Belgian-style tripel IPA is packed full of a trifecta of Australian, New Zealand and American hops balanced by mainly Australian Pilsner malt and candy sugar.

“The candy sugar makes it lighter and gives it a nice Belgian character, as it’s a 9.5 per cent ABV beer it makes it lighter and easier to drink. This will be deceptively easy to drink,” explained Childs.

“We’ve got a mixture of New Zealand, Australian and American hops going in making it more bitter than a usual tripel and it’s got more hop character so it’s a tripel IPA. So it’s the best parts of a Belgian tripel, with the hoppy characters of an IPA.”

Tripel Threat will be out in May and will be poured at the Beer & Brewer and Australian Brewery stands at the GABS Beer Cider Food Fest.

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  1. Will this beer go on the canning line like other Australian Brewery beers? Or will it be draught/GABS only?

  2. Tim, Tripel Threat will be released in cans in limited quantities, as well as kegs for GABS.
    Check the Beer & Brewer Facebook page for updates on when and where the beer is available.
    Cheers, Ed

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