By Andrew Starke

Tequila Tromba may have only recently been made available in Australia but already the premium Mexican brand has big plans to take on the ‘lick, shoot, suck’ reputation the spirit has locally.

The premium imported brand is only available in select bottle shops in Melbourne and Sydney, but can be found in bars and restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

The 100% Blue Weber Agave tequila hails from the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico and its surrounding municipalities, with the Agave plants taking at least seven years to mature.

“Our high-spirited team who are equally passionate about tequila are behind Tromba’s introduction down under,” a spokesperson for the brand told TheShout.

“Their mission is to restore the rightful reputation of 100% agave tequila to the international stage and to dispel a few furphies along their journey.”
One of the myths the Tequila Tromba hopes to dispel is that of the tequila worm.

“Rest assured, if you see a worm in a tequila bottle there’s no need to feel squirmy – that’s not Tequila Tromba – that’s not even tequila,” he said.
“The good news is that Mexican standards authority (Consejo Regulador del Tequila) prohibits the addition of insects or larvae in true tequila.”

Australian representative for the Mexican Tequila Chamber Phil Bayly, said he was excited to see Tequila Tromba available in Australia.

“It fills an untouched area of the market and being a smooth, 36 percent proof tequila it is soft, fresh, fruity and crisp,” he said.

“Tromba’s refreshing nature means that it can be enjoyed straight, mixed with fresh citrus flavours or as a cocktail base.”

Bar and restaurants stocking Tromba include: 1806, Barnone, Black Pearl, Der Raum, The Galley Room, Mamasitas, Maya Bar & Grill and Mi Corazon in Melbourne, and Miss Marley’s Café Pacifico and Sticks in Sydney.

Tromba Blanco has a recommended retail price of between $65-$70.

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