While trust marks are continuing to make it easier for consumers and buyers to support local producers they remain generally “underdone”, according to Cider Australia. 

The industry body’s president, Warwick Billings, said the image, logo or badge to convey a stamp of approval assures customers that products meet rigorous standards.

“While trust marks are increasingly making their way onto product labelling and the like, they remain ‘underdone’ in our general consciousness,” he said.

“[Our trust mark] tells you that the cider you are drinking is made from 100 per cent Aussie-grown apples or pears and that the cider meets Cider Australia’s rigorous quality standards.”

It’s been five years since Cider Australia launched its trust mark aimed at giving consumers confidence that imported fruit would not be used in its products.

Mr Billings said the trust mark also tells consumers that by choosing to drink the locally-produced cider they are supporting Australian fruit growers and their regional communities.

“You’re helping to build a sustainable craft cider industry in Australia,” he said.

“And you’re playing your small part in job creation and the local economy.”

When it launched, Cider Australia estimated that about 30 per cent of drinkers would choose Australian-grown products if given the choice.

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