Now every one of your guards is a walking CCTV camera!

Shriro began distribution of the Vidmic in Australia this year, with a number of government departments now trialing the product. The clip-on system can record video footage and audio, as well as capture digital stills, with the recording process controlled by the press of a button. It means security personnel and staff can capture the action where CCTV can’t, there and then. Shriro believes this product could revolutionise the way in which hospitality operators ensure security within their premises.

Video and photos are full colour and the VIDMIC battery allows for a minimum of three hours record time. On-site, up close video and audio recordings document what actually happened during an incident protecting your staff.

Fully operational shoulder mic with:

  • Video recorder
  • Audio recorder
  • Camera
  • Takes full color video and photos.
  • Three hours of video/audio record time.
  • Wall and car chargers included.
  • USB cable for downloaded images and charging from computer included

For further inquiries, contact:

Shriro Australia Pty Limited
Jerrold Herrera
Mobile: 0418 994 044

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