Up until now, for clubs, pubs, bars, hotels and motels, about the only technology that was able to pay for itself has been poker machines.

But now there is a new type of digital display technology that is set to change the way business owners can not just attract and entertain more patrons, but also generate extra profits, allowing the system to basically pay for itself and increase the owner’s bottom lines at the same time.

Known as 3D gesture recognition technology, it allows pub patrons to engage with the technology and get entertainment, but far more importantly, this technology will give pub, club and hotel owners the ability to turn their bar space into a revenue raising entity using third-party advertising.

According to Vizi-New Media Managing Director, Con Hatzigiannis, this technology and our turn key service will give business owners “the opportunity to generate advertising revenue from their suppliers and other marketers”, adding that, “this now basically gives club owners the chance to turn dead space into a cash cow”.

Mr. Hatzigiannis says that, “in fact clubs and pubs can generate thousands of dollars simply by installing this system. It more than pays for itself.”

And the hospitality areas that can use this flexible 3D gesture recognition technology, which can work in virtually any environment and on nearly any platform and with any compatible device that is enabled with a depth sensing camera are almost immeasurable. They include gaming, digital signage, retail advertising, food and drink service areas and even in the car park.

From a technological perspective, the 3D gesture control system repeatedly and reliably tracks full-body movement and subtle gestures in complete 3D space, translating these movements into specific computer commands and events. It creates the most lifelike immersive 3D interactive experience imaginable, with no need for a remote or any other peripheral control device.

According to Mr. Hatzigiannis, this is the future of digital signage. The ability for club patrons to be able to interact with signage and view content specifically relevant to them, represents a quantum leap from one way, to two way digital communications. Or “demassification/personification”, as the phenomena is termed.

Simply put, this immersive 3D technology is “already transforming the club and hotel advertising and display areas and is revolutionary because it is more than paying itself off at the same time”, says Mr. Hatzigiannis.

In fact Mr. Hatzigiannis, whose company is the only providers of this technology and revenue model in Australia, says that this 3D Virtual Display technology is used widely overseas and only now is being recognised in this country for its enormous potential in changing the way we shop, search, examine and interact with any number of retailers, hospitality and entertainment venues, service providers and even educational facilities.

“3D Virtual Reality display systems are now no longer just a prop in a science fiction movie—they are a real life corporate fact, one that will make our consumer experiences much more rich, interactive, in-depth as well as allowing for increased advertising revenues and cross-promotional opportunities for both club and product owners alike”,

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