A new beer from Coopers is an Australian lager which will be packaged in a turquoise can and released by the brewer in August.

With 50-litre kegs also available for on-premise, the company is set to roll out a national marketing campaign as the 4.2 per cent ABV beer hits shelves. 

Coopers Brewery GM, Michael Shearer, said the brand wanted to create a modern Australian lager with more flavour than traditional options in the market. 

“We feel we’ve delivered on that with Coopers Australian Lager and we’re confident drinkers will agree when they get their first taste,” he said.

“This will be our first lager featuring the iconic Coopers roundel and we’re getting behind its release in a big way.”

With lagers representing more than 80 per cent of domestic beer sales in Australia, Coopers has been working on the product for a few years.

“We’ve come up with a great-tasting Australian lager which we’ve packaged in an eye-catching turquoise design that befits its refreshing and easy drinking appeal,” Shearer said.

“We’ve decided to double down with the release of Australian Lager and bring a new premium, great-tasting beer to the market to meet drinker demand.

“Coopers Australian Lager will be our flagship lager offering, rightfully taking its place among our permanent portfolio.”

The new product builds on the company’s existing lager range which includes the low-carb Coopers Dry and Coopers Dry 3.5 as well as the lower alcohol Coopers Premium Light.

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