James France, of Vanguard Luxury Brands in Sydney, announced today that the long-awaited Trago 100% agave tequila is finally available in Australia. As striking in taste as it is in appearance, Trago (pronounced Trah-go), means “sip” in Spanish and is extraordinary in every way.

France commented: “I am excited and confident about Trago because it delivers on every level: it has incredible packaging which attracts attention and once people taste it, they are rewarded by the liquid in the bottle. Trago is a truly remarkable tequila, and this viewpoint is supported by a number of Australia’s top bartenders who have also previewed the product.’” France said.


Trago is produced according to a proprietary recipe by Felipe Camarena, son of the legendary Don Felipe, known as “the father of tequila”. The blue agave is estategrown and distilled at Los Alambiques in the high-altitude region of Arandas in
Jalisco, Mexico. The area boasts outstanding soil and climatic conditions, as the elevation allows for greater penetration of sunlight to the plants and enables more sugars to accumulate in the agave for a richer taste.

Trago utilises a double distillation process with both copper and stainless steel stills. The copper purifies the tequila due to its natural acidic properties, and the high temperatures that copper can reach without compromising the tequila’s flavour or aroma. Finally, every bottle is hand-filled.


Trago Silver is crystal clear and remarkably smooth. It has a clean, slightly spicy, smoky taste with an earthy aroma that perfectly reflects its origins in the highlands of Jalisco. Trago Silver’s full-bodied agave flavour makes it the perfect mix for any deluxe cocktail.

Trago Reposado is rested for four months in American oak barrels to smooth the flavour. Its aroma is fruity upon first pour, as the flavour remains toasty while reflecting a vanilla and candy apple sweetness mixed with a bit of pepper. Trago
Reposado makes an exceptional premium margarita or it can be enjoyed on the rocks or sipped with traditional Sangrita, which is a blend of orange juice, tomato juice, lime juice, Tabasco®, and other spices. (Please ask if you would like a recipe for Sangrita.)

Trago Añejo is aged for 18 months in American bourbon barrels, giving it a delicate amber colour. Unlike many aged tequilas, the lively freshness of the blue agave is still easily recognisable in the aroma and taste of this tequila. Subtle hints of vanilla, maple, aniseed and almond blend perfectly together with an undeniable smoky and peppery flair. This tequila is best enjoyed straight.


Trago was only launched in the US in November 2006 but it has already scored impressive results in spirits competitions.

  • Trago Silver won double gold at San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2007 in a field of over 100 tequilas. It also scored 94 at Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) tasting July 2007.
  • Trago Reposado and Añejo both won Silver medals in San Francisco 2007.
  • Trago Reposado scored 93 at BTI in July 2007, while Trago Añejo scored 92 at the same tasting.

Trago has already seen its fair share of the red carpet in the US, having been featured at VIP events such as the launch of the Bentley GT in New York, Movieline’s Style Awards in Los Angeles, the William Morris Grammy Party also in LA, Fergie’s performance at the Lyric Jeans launch in Hollywood and the MTV Movie Awards.

For more information including 50ml tasting samples and high-resolution images, please contact:
James France
Vanguard Luxury Brands Pty Ltd
0408 411 859

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