Creative Australian beer brand Doctor’s Orders has released a brand new summer seasonal that is designed to shake up your G&T game.

Tonic is described as “ambidextrous”, with the brand saying that the brew can be drunk “straight up” as a refreshing Summer Witbier that features an array of classic and not-so-classic botanicals such as orange peel, juniper berries, lemon myrtle, coriander, cinchona bark and Wakatu hops.

Conversely you can ditch your sugar-laden tonic water and use Tonic Ale as the mixer in your G&T by adding a shot of your favourite gin. Cucumber garnish optional.

First brewed in 2014 with the Wheaty Brewing Corps, Adelaide, and the Yeastie Boys, New Zealand, the brew is designed to rethink how people look at beer.

“The recommended pairing with Baker Williams Gin from Mudgee works awesome,” says brewer and founder Darren Robinson. “Theirs is a citrus forward gin that really makes it sing.”

For another gin choice, make sure you choose something citrus driven, rather than juniper heavy – and not lemon myrtle driven either, the more orange or grapefruit the better.

Available in cans the beer has an ABV of 4.5% and an IBU of 12.

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