The world’s most-awarded rum, Flor de Caña, is now available in Australia exclusively through Vanguard Luxury Brands Pty Ltd. “We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time and are really excited with the response we are seeing already,” said James France of Vanguard Luxury Brands. “There is a latent demand for this brand. We’ve been receiving email enquiries for months from consumers asking where they can get Flor de Caña and now it’s great to be able to finally tell them where they can find it.”

Distilled at Nicaragua’s only distillery, this fine rum is distilled, aged and bottled in the town of Chichigalpa on the Pacific side of the country, so it is not Caribbean Rum. This means the heat is drier, the climate less humid and maturation rates are slower. Flor de Caña’s original brick barrelhouses have no air-conditioning, electrical ventilation or humidifiers and create a natural, undisturbed environment in which to age at sea level. 

Flor de Caña rum is 100% the age stated on the label.  There is no blending between ages and no solera system.  Vanguard Luxury Brands is importing four varieties of Flor de Caña into Australia. 

  • 4 Year Old Gold – a traditional 4 year old rum, medium bodied with notes of caramel, nuts and vanilla.   
  • 7 Year Old Grand Reserve – a premium, full-bodied rum, toasted amber in colour.  Gives richness and body to a Grand Mojito.
  • 18 Year Old Centenario Gold – a full-bodied rum with amber colour, rich complexity and a smooth finish.  Judged at the 2007 IWSC to be ‘absolutely jam packed with complex aromas.  Flavours abound yet all well ordered, mature fashion.  Very impressive.’  A rum to be savoured by itself.
  • 15 Year Old Centenario XXI – in porcelain decanter with 25ct gold script.  An extraordinary spirit chosen for its complex aromas guided with elegance and finesse.  One of Spirit Journal’s top 10 distilled spirits in the world – “this distillery has always produced quality rums, but Centenario XXI is in another league, in a completely different universe”.

Aside from its award-winning rums, ethical, social and environmental concerns are an integral part of Flor de Caña’s operation:  

  • The distillery has HACCP certification (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points), ISO 9000 (quality management systems) and ISO 14000 (environmental management systems), standards and is also Kosher approved. 
  • The carbon dioxide produced during fermentation is recycled for use in dry ice. 
  • The cane residue is used to create paper and also energy with the whole town of Chichigalpa powered by energy from the sugar mill. 
  • Workers at the sugar mill and distillery get free health care, free schooling, free books and free homes to live in. 
  • The company has also built a school, hospital, fire station, park and baseball ground in Chichigalpa. 

France concluded by saying, “The super premium rum category has been gaining enormous momentum in recent months.  The entry of Flor de Caña into the market means that bartenders and discerning retailers will now have even an greater choice of premium rums for their customers’ enjoyment.”

For more information including tasting samples and high-resolution images, please contact:

James France
Vanguard Luxury Brands Pty Ltd
0408 411 859

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