By James Atkinson

VB has released a series of "world-first innovations" it says are designed to help beer enthusiasts drink their VB at its optimum temperature – ice cold.

The ‘best cold gear’ promotion kicks off today, with fans able to redeem on-pack codes for:

The VB Vending Machine (pictured) – a specially designed vending machine that dispenses ice cold VB stubbies;

The VB Thermo Cooler – the quintessential portable cooling bag with a built in thermometer and LCD screen; or

The VB Ice Cold Alarm – the ultimate beer-saving device, set to be the saviour of hundreds of beers this summer.

VB general manager of marketing Andy Meldrum said the 'best cold gear' makes it easier for VB drinkers to enjoy their favourite beer at its optimum temperature.

"VB is a beer that is brewed to be consumed ice cold," he said.

"It’s unashamedly full in flavour so, in the heat of the summer, Aussie drinkers are rewarded with the perfect balance of flavour and ice cold temperature."

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  1. Shame on the stores that aren’t selling there beers ice cold anyway!!! So what about the electricity price hikes.
    I can’t sell warm beer.
    The customer has to have ice cold beer…and that’s what they get from my store everyday

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