Victoria Bitter enters the better-for-you space with the launch of its low carb beer, VB Low Carb, this week.

Responding to growing demand for healthier alternatives, VB Low Carb is designed to be a full-flavoured, full-strength beer but with 33 per cent less carbs than regular VB.

Sarah Wilcox, Head of Classic Brands at CUB, says the low carb beer has been brewed with the harsh Australian climate and longtime VB lovers in mind.

“For generations, Aussies have known the best cold beer is Vic. Now, the best low carb beer is Vic too.

“With the full flavour and strength of regular VB at 4.9 per cent ABV, we reckon it will appeal to even the most die-hard VB purists. Our brewers weren’t sure it was possible, but they did it and it’s bloody good.”

VB was first brewed in 1854, and while the classic beer is currently benefiting from a resurgence due to a nostalgic comeback, Wilcox believes it is a better time than ever to tap into the growing market of health-conscious consumers.

“In the past, some classic beer lovers thought low carb beer was not for them. But with seven out of 10 VB drinkers telling us they’d consider a low carb option, it is the right time for VB Low Carb.

“We are committed to innovations like this at CUB because it creates value for our customers and helps grow the entire beer category.”

The launch of the new beer has been praised by Brian Fletcher, former NRL star and Fox Footy host, who says: “VB Low Carb is a game changer as I can still enjoy my knock off, while worrying less about the carbs.

“Victoria Bitter is changing with the times without compromising the taste and bitter finish that’s made it Australia’s most iconic beer.”

VB Low Carb launches this week at bottle shops around the country, available in 375ml cans and bottles at a retail price of $55 for a 24-pack.

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