By James Atkinson

Some formats of Victoria Bitter are reportedly in short supply ahead of the changeover to the new 4.9 per cent ABV recipe in the coming weeks.

Carlton & United Breweries is understood to have informed some of its Sydney accounts that it will not have 24-pack VB Stubbies, 250ml VB twist-tops or VB longnecks in stock until October 22nd.

A CUB spokeswoman told TheShout that it is working with customers to manage stocks of the 4.6 per cent brew in the lead up to the "full flavour, full strength" brew rolling out.

"Customers are reporting that with only a short time til the new brew rolls out, some 4.6 per cent SKUs are running low or out and we'll keep working with them on transition plans," she said.

"If customers have any queries we'd urge them to contact their rep."

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