The hospitality industry has a bugbear; an evil long thought to be necessary, and certainly unavoidable. We’re talking about queues. Great big clumps of people standing in line, waiting impatiently and in discomfort for the privilege of – wait for it – giving you their money! How weird is that?

In a busy venue, with lots of things going on, it’s always been a tragedy that we’ve had to make people stand in queues to buy a drink, order food or even wait for a table to become free for them. When people are in a queue they get in your way, they get in other peoples’ way – they get in their own way. And they hate it – they’re not having fun and they’re not spending money. It’s simply insane, but until the advent of the modern pager there was no more practical way of doing it.

Paging systems – Queue-busters

Today’s paging systems can fix your queue problem, transforming your venue from a series of human obstructions into the pleasant, free-flowing place you always knew it could be. These days paging systems offer a range of communication channels between guests and staff, and between staff members. They can take care of pretty well everything that has been responsible for those queues, while improving the profitability of the venue, and its guests’ experience. In the hands of your staff, they can greatly improve the quality of the service they provide, improve the level of teamwork with their peers and increase your turnover. A good paging system transforms the ambience of a busy hospitality venue – and for the better.

Guest Pagers

The guest pager is a simple, portable coaster-like receiver that uses flashing lights and buzzing to alert the guest that the order he was waiting for is ready. Simple systems like these are can bring about significant improvement in your service and efficiency. These systems work well in environments where public address systems are either ineffective or otherwise undesirable.

Staff Paging

Modern staff paging systems enable well-trained staff to operate like a Swiss watch. As with guest pagers, simple systems enable an operator to summon the waiter to an agreed location such as the kitchen. More complex systems have text capability. Text capability, and peer to peer communication enables staff to respond promptly to service developments like table availability, food orders ready to be served and a host of other features. A happier team is a more productive team, and the profitability of the venue improves accordingly.

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