Digital signage, whether in the form of video walls, outdoor digital screens or interactive kiosks, is breathing life, energy and attractiveness into pubs and clubs. Cutting edge technology is transforming ordinary sporting spaces into exciting environments that are elegant and unforgettable.

Placing digital signage throughout a venue is a brilliant method to improve customer engagement, lengthen customers stay times and in turn, increase sales. With the ability to update content instantly through a cloud-based content management system, digital signage provides pubs with complete control of the venues displays. Through the ease of adding photos, videos, live websites, hashtags, RSS feeds, news tickers and social media feeds, screen content is unique to the venue, remains relevant and offers something fresh and new.

With an ever-evolving calendar of events and promotions, digital signage not only provides more compelling marketing over traditional static signage, but is a cost-effective solution.

LED signs can provide unique opportunities to attract attention and build ambiance within a venue. Outdoor LED, whether it be placed on a building or within a pylon sign, has been rapidly increasing in popularity as it engages passing traffic resulting in increased walk-in customers. Indoor LED can add ambiance and functionality to venue entrances by displaying welcome messages, high impact animations, promotions, announcements and directions.

Placing digital screens around venues offers entertainment while improving branding with stimulating images and videos. The options are limitless with digital screens – whether you choose single screens or combine multiple screens to create a video wall. Perfect for a pub’s sports bar, multiple live sporting events can be displayed whilst also promoting specials, raffles, upcoming events and happy hours.

Unlike tired-looking static boards that crack and fade over time, digital menu boards enhance the customer experience through the combination of products with full-motion video along with the ability to up-sell and promote new items instantly. With menus that usually comprise breakfast, lunch and dinner, digital menu boards can ensure venues don’t overwhelm customers through the use of day-part scheduling.

Give your customers the ability to engage with your venue by offering a touch-friendly experience with an interactive screen. These can provide a wide range of functions including way finding, web browsing or self-service. Within large venues, wayfinding directories are essential to ensure a positive customer experience.

Motivated through enhancing overall experience, the progression into digital for venues can be executed well when it remains customer focused. Understanding what drives customers to your venue then enhancing that through digital experiences could be key in ensuring their return business. Access to more sporting events, elevating music experiences or showcasing unique aspects of the club would assist in the overall social atmosphere. Digital platforms would allow for an easier integration and interchange between these customer draw cards.

Going digital can open many new avenues to increase foot traffic, upsell your food and drink, promote upcoming events, and become the most entertaining venue in town. To find out more, visit

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