As with similar schemes in other states, first suppliers (beverage manufacturers and importers) will pay the cost of operating CDS Vic, Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme.

Ahead of the scheme commencing on 1 November, first suppliers have been advised of the price per container. VicReturn has set the price and will oversee the invoicing of first suppliers for the cost of containers. As the scheme continues, the running costs may change over time, but VicReturn commits to providing sufficient notice of any changes in pricing.

CDS Vic’s costs per container, excluding GST, will be 11.05c for aluminium, 11.40c for glass, 11.15c for HDPE, 11.15c for PET and 11.50c for LPB, and 11.10 cents for other materials. Victorians will receive a 10 cent refund for every eligible container they return.

The scheme’s goals are to reduce litter, improve recycling rates, and create new economic and employment opportunities.

“The cost per container for First Suppliers strikes a balance between making sure there are enough funds to pay scheme costs, including providing the 10-cent refund per container, while keeping the costs as low as reasonably possible for first suppliers,” said VicReturn CEO, Jim Round.

“We will deliver an efficient, convenient and accessible container deposit Scheme for Victorians,” confirmed Mr Round.

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