By Annette Shailer

The Victorian Government has announced new restriction that will allow police to ban trouble-makers from certain districts for up to a year. The restrictions will affect the Port Phillip, Fitzroy, Geelong, Ballarat and Warrnambool areas starting this Friday.

A Department of Liquor Licensing spokesperson said the new actions will give police additional powers in the fight against alcohol-related violence.

“Today’s announcement is a public safety measure that allows the police to have the power to ban trouble makers for 24 hours,” the spokesperson said.

Nightclub industry spokesperson, David Butten, said the industry had long been campaigning for tougher measures against offending behaviour in the streets, along with a more visible police presence, better public transport and better education.

“The focus needs to be shifted clearly away from blaming and demonising licensed premises for being the cause of all social problems, and addressing the true underlying causes of social problems,” Butten said.

Minor offences including drunk and disorderly behaviour will lead to a 24-hour ban from the entertainment precinct.

Individuals can be banned for up to a year for more serious offences if police seek a court order.

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