With the theme ‘Looking Forward’ this year’s Virtual Aussie Whisky Show was a huge success, with thousands of people tuning in to taste whisky and engage with Australian whisky distillers.

Hosted by The Whisky Show and The Whisky List, this year’s show heard from 10 Australian distillers across a two-hour livestream, which focused on new and soon-to-be-released whiskies.

David Ligoff, Founder of The Whisky Show, told The Shout: “We’re absolutely stoked with the positive feedback and engagement with this year’s Virtual Aussie Whisky Show live broadcast. Our biggest event yet and great to see the high level of engagement from our audience watching and trying the whiskies at home.

“We were incredibly fortunate to be able to host a face-to-face whisky show in Sydney in May, where the dedicated Aussie whisky hall proved to be very popular. This success, as well as the popularity of last year’s Virtual Aussie Whisky Show, prompted us to present The Virtual Aussie Whisky Show 2021. With the meteoric rise in both the number of distilleries and the popularity of local whiskies, we had our work cut out in selecting the featured brands. We felt these reflected the strong traditions of some of the early pioneers of the industry, as well as the newcomers.”

Oliver Maruda, Co-Founder of The Whisky List, digital partner of The Whisky Show, added: “The overwhelming feedback on this year has been phenomenal. Had a great mix of regular show attendees and welcomed many newcomers to their first virtual whisky show and also for some, the chance to try their very first sip of Australian whisky.

“The tasting kits we’ve curated are designed to be tried at your own pace. With the help of new technologies, the show app has information about every whisky, ability to purchase bottles online with our new ecommerce functionality and we’ve included a short video from every distiller which gives viewers at home the chance to learn about the distillery and hear the whisky tasting notes direct from the distiller, which drinkers at home really appreciate.

“It was great to hear from all the distillers about their local plans for growth, exciting new whiskies in development, distillery expansions and more, but the overall sentiment which was echoed by all the distillers and audience alike, was just how high the calibre of Aussie whisky is today and how quick the industry is growing.

“It was a pleasure and personal highlight to play a small part in helping Aussie whisky lovers expand their palates and try something locally made.”

Jane Overeem of Overeem Distillery in Tasmania was one of the distillers to take part in the livestream, and she said: “These virtual shows are a great way to showcase both our whisky and the other Aussie distilleries to whisky drinkers across Australia. Especially with limited travel currently, it’s a great way to be able to connect with our audience and hear their feedback during the live tasting. Thanks to David and Team Whisky Show for putting on another great event.” 

Peter Bignell of Renmant Whisky & Belgrove Distillery also in Tasmania, said: “These virtual whisky shows are seriously great. They give more people across the country access to try more Aussie whisky. Which is a win for all of us Aussie distillers.

“The other huge benefit of these try at your own pace tasting kits is gives consumers the chance to take their time with each whisky, don’t need to rush and really explore the unique flavours of each distiller’s signature expression. Great to be a part of.”

Andy Young

Andy joined Intermedia as Editor of The Shout in 2015, writing news on a daily basis and also writing features for National Liquor News. Now Managing Editor of both The Shout and Bars and Clubs.

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