Not all seltzers are created equal, choose W Seltzer this summer.

It’s been a huge couple of years for the seltzer category, and W Seltzer has been sharing in the success as one of Australia’s top brands. Launched by the folks at Wayward Brewing in 2020, W Seltzer is on a mission this summer to educate people about the differences between the production processes of seltzer – after all, no two seltzers are created equal.

“We spent a year perfecting the recipe of our hard seltzer, and each batch takes around two to three weeks to produce,” says Wayward Head Brewer, Shaun Blissett. A batch of mixed seltzer using spirits and soda can be created in just an afternoon.

“With a brewed approach to seltzer, there are so many elements you can refine; how much rice you add, the type of yeast, how long it ferments. It all builds to crafting the best product you can. With blended seltzers the ingredients are usually ethanol, water, fruit flavour and sugar or sweetener – there’s not much you can do to improve or evolve the recipe.”

“Don’t try one seltzer and write the entire category off completely”, says Shaun. “A brewed seltzer has a much fuller mouthfeel. We also don’t have to sweeten our seltzer – the real fruit extracts we use give it a perfectly fruity finish, without that overly sweet taste.”

Widely regarded as one of the favourite seltzer brands in the country, W Seltzer continue to grow in bottle shops around Australia, and this year they plan to increase their on-premise presence too.

“A huge advantage to being a brewed hard seltzer is that we’re able to offer kegs to on-premise venues. We’ve seen a lot of success on tap with our existing trade customers, particularly with our Tropical Mango Hard Seltzer. Once the mango goes on tap, it doesn’t come off!”

W Seltzer by Wayward Brewing Co.

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