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VDKA 6100 and The Drink Cabinet have are sending Christopher Ford from WA off to NYC to have drinks with Robert De Niro.

Christopher Ford mixes his winning VDKA 6100 cocktail

Ford was the inaugural winner of the cocktail competition that will be sending him and a friend to New York to not only share a few cocktails with Robert De Niro, but also experience Manhattan’s best bars.

The competition was a carte blanche for the entrants to explore ultimate creativity, as the only requirement was a measure of VDKA 6100. Competitors were encouraged to create and add any compounds, liquids or textures they pleased.

Ford’s winning drink was The Whey Home and featured: VDKA 6100, fig and beeswax infused Lillet Blanc, lemon juice, and coriander seed syrup; and garnished with a dehydrated lemon wheel and a piece of dehydrated fig.

The runners up were Quynh Nguyen in third, while Kurtis Bosley placed second.

Ford will be jetting off to the US in late October.

VDKA 6100 is sourced from the pristine natural environment of Reporoa on New Zealand’s North Island near Lake Taupo in the Bay of Plenty Region. VDKA 6100 is fermented using fresh seasonal whey and a strain of yeast that has been hand cultivated in Reporoa for over 30 years.

It is then finely distilled and filtered through a complex filtration system than includes carbon dosing and carbon rockets to strip out any remaining impurities. It is finished by blending with outstanding natural New Zealand spring water to deliver an unrivalled crisp clean taste.

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