The Ambassador for the House of Walker Scotch whiskies, Tom Smith, is on his way to Australia to host a range of exclusive educational tastings and seminars next week.

A number of professionals from both on- and off-premise in both Sydney and Melbourne will participate in the tastings, which aim to provide further knowledge across the trade about the blends from the iconic Scotch whisky.

The Scottish-based Master of Blending began his career in whisky almost 40 years ago and is today considered one of the world’s most knowledgeable whisky connoisseurs.

As the key caretaker of the House of Walker blends, Smith will offer some insights into the origins of Scotch whisky and the heritage of Johnnie Walker.

He will also share his knowledge on the way in which the complex Johnnie Walker Blue Label blend is able to be consistently produced to a high standard.

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