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The Liquor Barons banner group has repositioned its brand messaging in a bid to capture the attention of younger consumers.

Liquor Barons introduces The General as one of its Barons

Western Australia-based banner group Liquor Barons has repositioned its company messaging in a bid to re-engage with younger consumers of a legal drinking age.

Liquor Barons has a very strong brand in Western Australia with a network of around 70 independently owned and operated stores, but according to general manager Chris O’Brien, the company’s research suggested it was important to re-engage with those consumers under 40.

“What we came up with was the differentiated approach of introducing personality into our campaign, because we think it has visual cut-through and we think it is a position that is unique to Liquor Barons,” he said.

The company, which prides itself on being ‘far from ordinary’ when it comes to service, knowledge, range and price, has taken this mantra to create the new campaign, entitled ‘Close to home, far from ordinary’. And the campaign introduces us to the ‘Barons’ as the face and voice of the company. 

“We think that it will work very well in the digital space as well as in traditional media, but will work particularly well in the digital space because we can give each of the characters a unique personality and voice,” said O’Brien.

He continued: “Our advertising spend is traditionally media dominant and consequently our reach has been falling, so it's important for us to alter our mix of media to ensure that the number of people who see and hear our message increases. We will do that by altering our mix of media and a large portion of our traditional spend will be moved to digital over the coming year.

“Social media will form part of our new program, we particularly like the results we see on Facebook and Instagram and we particularly like the reach we can achieve organically if we are smart about what we do.”

The Barons

The General

“The General’s experience on the battlefield is matched only by his knowledge of the world’s finest wine producing regions and whiskey distilleries. Years ago, he swapped the cavalry and cutlass for Cognac and cut crystal, and his mission has been to source the finest drops and drams for us ever since.”

Amber Baron

“The Amber Baron is a fearless adventurer and ultimate wingman. When it comes to all things beer and Bourbon, he’s definitely no mug. Once renowned for his prowess at performing barrel rolls, he’s now famous for his taste in kegs. His ability to unearth the best craft brews, and local and international beers seems so easy and instinctive that you’d think he was cruising on autopilot.”


“Keeping them both in check is the Baroness. If looks and attitude could kill, she’d be serving four consecutive life sentences. Fortunately, the only bars you’ll find her behind, or rather in front of, are inside the world’s hottest clubs and venues. It’s here that she’s acquired a taste for fine Champagne, white wines and spirits, and developed her expertise in selecting only the best for us.”

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