Regardless of what kind of heating system you use, here are some tips to ensure your venue is heated properly and efficiently this winter.


  • Make sure your fireplace is properly ventilated. Before you start using it for the season, get all the vents professionally tested and cleaned to ensure smoke does not exit the fireplace into your venue.
  • Ensure that your fireplace adheres to the relevant fire safety code of your state so that no staff or patrons can be harmed in any way by your fireplace. Make sure that your fireplace is up to date with inspection checks.
  • Open the damper and make sure it is completely clear of debris. While the fireplace has not been in use fallen leaves or small animals may have blocked ventilation, and a quick check and scoop out will make sure it’s all clear.
  • Make sure the wood you’re using is completely dry – otherwise it will take longer to get the fire going, and will cause excess smoke.
  • Tip: If you have any plants or flower beds around your venue, spread the leftover ashes from your fire in the pots – they’re a good source of calcium.


  • Make sure to vacuum or clean your air conditioning filters at least once a month to stop a build-up of dust. If you’re air-conditioning system uses replaceable filters, ensure that you are replacing them to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Get a professional service for your air-conditioning system at least once a year. They can identify and repair any small problems before they become big, costly problems.
  •  Make sure all your window seals and the seals around your air-conditioning unit are in correct order – if there’s any gaps for the heated air to escape to, you’re system has to work harder to heat the space, and you’ll be using more power – which will be reflected in your electricity bill.

Outdoor heaters

  • Make sure your heaters use radiant heat rather than convective heat.  Convective heat will just be pushed around in air currents, whereas radiant heat will evenly heat surfaces within its area.
  • Gas prices in Australia continue to rise as the supply of the natural resource remains under question nationally. If you use portable gas heaters, it may be time to consider electric alternatives for heating your outdoor spaces.
  • If you are using gas heaters, make sure they are protected from the wind on particularly windy days.
  • Don’t heat empty areas – if you’ve found the furthest points of your outdoor area are generally unused in the cooler months, then don’t’ waste energy and resources heating those spaces.

This feature was originally published in the current issue of Australian Hotelier, which you can view here.

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