By Annette Shailer

A new website comparing international beer prices is enabling drinkers to find the cheapest amber ale in 171 countries.

Visitors to select a country and currency to find the cost of a pint (570ml) in their preferred destination. The site also features a comments area full of recommended pubs, hotels and beers. is dependent on its visitors as it uses their information to compile the results.

Currently the average price of a pint of lager in Australia is $5.31, according to the site, with Canberra the cheapest of the capital cities at $3.74 a pint.

Perth wins the unfortunate title of most expensive pint at $6.99, closely followed by Sydney at $6.36, Hobart at $5.43, Melbourne at $5.25, Adelaide at $4.33 and Brisbane at $4.16. There are no recorded prices for Darwin.

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