By Ian Neubauer

The Brisbane Times website has launched a register to chart the city’s pub and nightclub family tree.

The website comments on how most new venues in the city are born “when a dodgy old pub and a money-hungry develop really love each other” and asks readers to help identify the former names of popular venues.

“The good thing, though, is that pubs never seem to die — they are just reincarnated into a chrome-heavy version of their former selves,” the website claims. “Unfortunately, the price of reincarnation is a 30 per cent mark-up in the price of a pot.”

Some renamed venues already identified in the register include Jade Buddha, once known as City Rower’s, a CBD establishment that changed its name from Alice’s to Ceasar’s, and Niteworx, an unlicensed nightclub that sold 20 cent shots and now operates as an unnamed stripclub.

To help chart Brisbane’s pub and nightclub family tree, click here.

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