By Andy Young

Weihenstephan and Phoenix Beers have announced the launch of a new beer for Australia.

The seasonal beer from the Bavarian brewery is called Weihenstephaner Kristall Weizenbock and is a 7.7 per cent ABV brew with 21 IBUs.

In statement about the beer Weihenstephan said: “For our newest seasonal product, the Weihenstephaner Kristall Weizenbock, we were trying to combine various hop sorts offering distinctive aroma notes that are pairing well with the aroma coming from our signature yeast W68 and at the same time build a bridge to the Crystal (Kristall) as the hop varieties used for 2nd and 3rd hop addition, Opal, Smaragd (Emerald) and Saphir (Sapphire) are each either crystals or crystalline minerals. 

“The hop bouquet in this brew is rounded off by Hallertauer Perle being used as bittering hop during the first hop addition. The result is a unique beer that we have brewed back in the middle of the last century before and which was forgotten about unfortunately within the last decades. We are proud to offer this remarkable beer style to you as it reflects the liaison of tradition and our state of the art brewing.”

The new beer a one-off brew that will be available from mid-to-late April in 330ml bottles and 50-litre kegs. 

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