By Sacha Delfosse

The West Winds Gin will soon launch a new 44 per cent ABV limited edition magnum called The Dirty Harry.

The new gin is based on the recipe for The Sabre but the ABV has been increased from 40 percent to 44 per cent and it is bottled in 1.5 litre magnums, hence the moniker, which is inspired by the Clint Eastwood character's favoured .44 Magnum firearm.

"We’ve taken the Sabre recipe and put a different take on it. By bringing the expression up to 44 per cent, the higher alcohol allows more flavours to come through," The West Winds Gin co-owner, Jeremy Spencer, said.

"We’ve learnt over the last few years as bartenders that higher alcohol isn’t about getting drunk but changing the flavour profile and how it works with other ingredients."

The company will be hosting tasting sessions for The Dirty Harry which will be announced on its Twitter feed, and as part of the Ginstitution events it holds to educate consumers about the gin category.

"I think gin has had such a stigma for so long that Ginstitution is about breaking the initial perceptions, debunking the myths around gin, explaining the flavours and saying it is okay to be seen drinking gin," Spencer said.

Although The Dirty Harry launch is limited to 99 bottles, if it proves to be popular the company will look at making it a regular addition to its range.

"At the moment it is about rewarding our loyal customers… we can go to guys like Eau-de-Vie, Golden Monkey or Cookie and say, 'here’s a couple of bottles for you that won’t be available everywhere'."

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