By Clyde Mooney

UK cider producer Westons is set to take over the reigns of its Australian distribution to capitalise on continued strong growth in the category.

H Westons & Sons (UK) will officially launch here on November 1 with a new model, Westons World Brands (WWB), taking over from World Brands Australia (WBA), which has been marketing Westons ciders primarily in Western Australia and Victoria. 

WWB will carry the Westons range of ciders, as well as the company's draught brand, Stowford Press, and a number of other brands. 

WWB hopes to improve distribution penetration, and increase consumer knowledge of the category. 

"As well as looking at growing the presence and awareness of Westons Cider in Australia and Asia we hope to lift the credibility, quality and understanding of the cider category," said Westons managing director and CEO of WWB, Helen Thomas.  

"As people's palates change with experience and maturity they will begin to understand and appreciate the history and background of genuine, authentic ciders." 

H Westons & Sons (UK) was established in 1880 and is the fourth-largest cider producer in the UK, with annual turnover greater than £42 million and distribution in more than 40 countries. 

WBA will continue Westons distribution until WWB is established, when WBA's Paul Wormley – who is a passionate advocate of 'real' cider – will become commercial & operational director of the new operation. 

"This deal is good for World Brands Australia and will place the new business on a strong and sustainable footing for future growth, I look forward to working with Roger and the team at Westons to fully realise the positive opportunities generated from this," said Wormley. 

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  1. Hi. Love your Perry and Old Rosie scrumpy. Could you please keep me informed of any specials with home delivery. I am in NSW 2081. Keep up the good work. Hope to see many Aussies drinking your fine drop. Thanks Simon

  2. Westons export is perhaps the best commercially available cider in the uk but is never available in oz. hope this changes.

  3. Dan Murphys hardly stocked the stuff, there was never a full case when i wanted to buy it, now they have taken it off the shelf, however you can still buy it but you have to pay another $6-7 for delivery.
    Same with Adnams Ghost Ship IPA and Broadside.
    Keep minimal stock at an inflated price dont sell enough then take it off the shelf.
    Great marketing plooy guys

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