By Amy Looker

Grape growers in the Coonawarra region are anticipating average crop levels but fine fruit development in the lead up to vintage, despite extraordinary  weather patterns over the last few months.

According to the Coonawarra Grapegrowers Association president, Stuart Sharman, unusual weather patterns and unusually high rainfall in December and January, have resulted in favourable moisture levels in the Coonawarra’s famous red soil.

“The weather conditions of the preceding few months have been challenging, however we feel that given those conditions the Coonawarra is anticipating an average crop of 35,000 tonnes and great, even flavour development in the coming months,” said Sharman.

Sharman said that fruit ripening will take place later than the past few seasons and is looking very even and uniform at this early stage.

“Given the improved canopy health and structure, it is anticipated red harvest to commence about the third week of March, and the whites in late February. Our chardonnay and riesling will be really good and certainly our Cabernet grapes are sitting really well at the moment,” he said.


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