While this is fundamental to a venue’s success, owners often underestimate the importance of one very critical upgrade – the CCTV surveillance system.

Gone are the days when you had to squint and strain to make sense of CCTV footage; the new age cameras now have up to four times higher light sensitivity providing much more detailed images when you zoom in. Compared to analogue CCTV which can capture images up to a maximum of 288 lines in CIF format, Vectron’s IP cameras are give you high definition footage, up to an impressive 5 megapixel(MP). This will help you get a clearer picture of your venue’s operation, quite literally.

Vectron’s advanced range of IP cameras not only provides you with better quality images even in bad weather or low lit conditions (dual lens day/night dome CCTV), but also delivers enhanced video streaming. The wide-angle panoramic lens provides increased coverage whereby a single dome camera can capture activity across the centre of a room and its doorway, behind the bar as well as the till area; this can cut down the overall camera requirement by as much as 20%.

With power and data transferred over a single CAT6 cable, installation of the IP CCTV system is tidier to make sure your venue’s aesthetics are not compromised. Multiple cameras can simultaneously store high resolution video with sound on one compact networked storage device replacing the analogue DVR completely.

While updating your CCTV system is very important, not all areas of your hotel may need hi-res IP cameras. Thus came about Vectron’s VR Hybrid surveillance system which boasts of an extremely flexible setup; it integrates with a number of different cameras, digital as well as analogue, on one consolidated platform.

Call Vectron on 1300 530 509 for more information or write to sales@vectron.com.au to upgrade your resolution.

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