White Claw has introduced a new flavour to the Australian market as part of its Surge range.

Following the launch of White Claw in Australia in 2022 with the popular Blackberry flavour, Natural Lime was crafted to appeal to growing consumer demand for refreshing citrus profiles, with lemon and lime ranked as the most popular flavour in the light RTD category.

White Claw Surge Natural Lime is crafted with sparkling water, alcohol and a zesty lime flavour, designed to bring a sense of refreshment to the busy summer period ahead.

Australia was the first country outside of North America to launch the Surge range, which continues to grow in popularity and is now ranked the number one high ABV seltzer globally, worth over US$198million in the US alone.

The new seltzer, which sits at 6.5 per cent ABV, is available now at bottle shops and bars across the country.

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