The cider is made in the traditional way crushing fresh pears to release the juice which is then directly fermented. At Monteith’s we don’t use syrup concentrate as this helps deliver a light and effervescent cider.
The result is a cider which is smooth and inviting with a juicy pear sweetness and crisp finish. 
The ideal refreshing drink for a summer day, poured over ice in a long glass, or enjoyed straight from the fridge.

'The cider market in Australia hasn't reached the tip of the iceberg as far as its potential here is concerned. I think the reason it has been slow to fall into line with other overseas markets is a lack of premium cider options available here. Monteith's has developed a 100 per cent New Zealand pear-sourced cider craft brewed with natural ingredients. It is this sort of quality product which I believe will see cider in Australia boom,' says Monteith's brand manager Romy Wolman.

Apple cider is one of the fastest growing beverages around the world. In England about 650 million litres of cider is produced and the French produce just over 100 million litres. The British cider market is estimated at $2.4billion and with the drink enjoying unprecedented popularity in New Zealand-worth $4.5m a year and growing at nearly 13 per cent.

The numbers indicate they're right. Australia's AU$100 million-plus cider market is growing at 12.4 per cent a year, making it the fastest growing segment within the overall alcoholic drinks sector.

Monteith’s Crushed Pear Cider is 4.5% ABV. Available in four packs and cases. It retails for approximately $12.99 per four-pack and $59.95 per case.

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