Just create a drink that reflects what New Orleans means to you using a Square One flavoured vodka and promote it in your venue during May and June. Then send us a video of you making it and promoting it and you’ll be in the running!

Entries must contain no less than 30ml of Square One Cucumber, Basil or Botanical. They can only include commercially available ingredients and cannot contain more than 60ml of alcohol.

As part of their entry, contestants need to shoot a video, less than three minutes long, featuring only themselves preparing and presenting their cocktail in the bar they work at.

Contestants also need to explain on camera the reasons they chose the Square One vodka selected for their cocktail, and the other ingredients in the drink, as well as discuss how the drink reflects what New Orleans means to them.

Videos must also include evidence of the cocktail being promoted in the venue and need to be uploaded to YouTube with a copy of the URL, emailed to james@vanguardluxurybrands.com

Bartenders can enter more than once as long as the entries are substantially unique and submitted separately. Each entry will be judged and awarded a score based on several criteria including name, appearance, the explanation of ingredients and the way it was promoted.

The top five highest scoring entries will move onto the second round, where the judges will prepare the cocktails in accordance with the original recipes that were submitted.

The judging panel will then taste these cocktails and give them a score out of 30. The highest score wins the major prize that includes a return airfare to New Orleans and five nights’ accommodation, as well as $200 cash.

Full for full details, including how to get an entry form, go to:  https://vanguardluxurybrands.com/squareonecomp

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